institutional configuration

Resolver information

The resolver URL is the Base URL for the OpenURL requests that are directed to your resolver. If you would like a particular button to be used for all links to your resolver, please supply a button URL and a button alt text (the alt text is very important for accessibility). Please note that though we recommend that service providers use the button you specifiy, we cannot enforce this.

UK federation Scope

This should be a registered UK federation scope

IP address or range

This should be the IP address or range associated exclusively with your institution.

A wildcard * or missing value matches a whole subnet:
Hyphenated min-max values and comma separated lists can be used:
Minimum acceptable precision:

Domain name

This should be the domain name associated exclusively with your institution, e.g. Minimum acceptable precision:

Activity Data

You agree to notify your users that their activity data will be shared with the UK OpenURL router, which is administered by EDINA at the University of Edinburgh. These data will be anonymised, aggregated and used as the basis for services such as a recommender service. The aggregation will also be made available so that third parties may create services with these data. You agree to advise users of your library, e.g. through your privacy policy or equivalent, that Router data are captured and used in this way. You may wish to include the following text:
When you search for and/or access bibliographic resources such as journal articles, your request may be routed through the UK OpenURL Router Service (, which is administered by EDINA at the University of Edinburgh. The Router service captures and anonymises activity data which are then included in an aggregation of data about use of bibliographic resources throughout UK Higher Education (UK HE). The aggregation is used as the basis of services for users in UK HE and is made available publicly so that others may use it. The aggregation contains no information that could identify an individual.
You may opt out of the aggregation on the subsequent confirmation page or by emailing

Administrative information

Please provide details for the person who administers your resolver. Your institution name helps us with identification. Your name and contact details will be used to resolve queries connected with this configuration and to alert you when necessary about any changes to the service.