How the data can be used

Terms of use

The data are made available under the Open Data Commons (ODC) Public Domain Dedication and Licence and the ODC Attribution Sharealike Community Norms. The licence was selected to maximise possible uses for the data. Please read the terms of the PDDL and the Attribution Sharealike Community Norms before using the data. The PDDL effectively dedicate IPR to the public domain meaning that you can use the data as you please but the community norms request that you respect the goodwill of those making the data available by:

Examples of how the data have been used

As the data are made available under an open licence they can be used in any way either on their own or in combination with other data sets. The examples described below include some interesting applications and visualisations as well as guidance on how to manipulate large files which were all based on use of these data by third parties.

Manipulating the large(ish) files

Creating visualisations of the data


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