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About the OpenURL router

The OpenURL Router service, funded by Jisc, will end on 31 July 2019. If you have any queries regarding retirement of this service, please contact Jisc on

What is the OpenURL Router?

The OpenURL Router connects an OpenURL in an online service with the OpenURL resolver at the user's institution. Thus, it:

How does the OpenURL Router work?

The OpenURL Router provides a central registry of institutions' OpenURL resolvers. An institution registers details of its resolver at thus making the information available to online service providers (OSPs). OSPs can use that information to provide users from a registered institution with links that are resolved by the correct institution's OpenURL resolver.

An institution can indicate any changes in its OpenURL resolver by revising its entry in the registry – thus making those changes known to all of the OSPs using the registry. The OpenURL Router is useful to institutions also with regard to online services that do not use the Registry. The institution may configure links to those services manually but, again, this work is required only once – when changes are made to the Institution's OpenURL Resolver and the OpenURL Router implements those for all information related to that Resolver.

Who provides the OpenURL Router?

The OpenURL Router is sponsored by JISC and administered by EDINA.