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Librarians: Quick start

This page explains how to register your resolver and how to configure OpenURL links in online services that do not use the OpenURL Router. If you do both, the OpenURL Router holds all the information needed to help direct your users to the appropriate copy. If, subsequently, you make changes to your resolver you need only notify the OpenURL Router of these changes to effect them in all of the relevant online services.

  1. Register your resolver
    When you provide information about your resolver, it is stored in the central registry offered by the OpenURL Router. This makes it available to any service provider wishing to provide links to your resolver. If you change your resolver URL for any reason (software updates, firewall/proxy server changes, domain name changes, switching port numbers, etc.) you will then only have to alter the configuration at the OpenURL Router.
  2. Configure OpenURL links
    Though any service provider is able to link to any registered resolver, some service providers do not yet offer this facility. For these providers you should configure links. You need do this only once. In future, when you make changes to your resolver, you should notify the OpenURL Router. This will have immediate effect for all your services.

How to update your resolver information

If you need to amend information about a resolver that has already been registered, just email the changes you would like to make to, or re-register your resolver by re-submitting the configuration request form.


OpenURL is a Jisc-sponsored service, and is administered jointly by EDINA.

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