Information for Service Providers

What happens when no resolver is found

If a user's institution cannot be identified from IP address or via supplied parameters such as UK federation scope, the Router will display a list of 'known' institutions (ie institutions which have registered resolvers with the Router) from which the user can select. If the user's institution is not included on the list, the institution does not have a registered resolver.

If the user's institution has not registered a resolver with the Router, the user will be presented with the option of using an Open Access resolver.

If you use registry lookups, flexible options are available for unrecognised users. You can choose to provide links to a default resolver of your choice, or to provide no links at all. If you are not able to provide a UK federation scope in your lookup request, you could offer the user an OpenURL link to the Router may be able to find the resolver via cookies previously set by that user, and if not it will offer them a choice of free access resolvers.


OpenURL is a Jisc-sponsored service, and is administered jointly by EDINA.

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